Almond Oil, Sweet, Expeller Pressed, Refined

Almond Oil, Sweet, Expeller Pressed, Refined

Product Description: Almond oil is obtained from the ripe, shell-free seeds of the almond tree (Prunus Amygdalus L.) by mechanical pressing of selected kernels and subsequent refining. The kernels contain 40 - 50 % fatty oil. Almond Oil is a light yellow clear, viscous liquid of characteristic mild odor and taste. 

  • Nutty taste
  • Can be used as a substitute for olive oil
  • Obtained from the dried kernel of sweet almonds
  • Rich in monounsaturated fat
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • Reduces LDL & increases HLD

Allergen Disclosure

Statement: Almond Oil, Sweet, Expeller Pressed, Refined does not contain any of the following allergens, sensitive ingredients, or restricted ingredients:

Peanut/peanut products
Egg/egg products
Shellfish/shellfish products
Nuts/nut products
Other legumes
Animal fat/oil
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
FD&C colors
Food Starch
Milk/milk products
Fish/fish products
Soy/soybeans/soy products
Wheat/wheat products
Hydrolyzed animal protein
Yeast Extract
Monosodium Glutamate
Natural Colors

Allergens are associated with protein compounds. The proteins in fully refined oils are less than 2ppm and, therefore, this oil is considered to be allergen free.

8% Saturated Fat

70% Monoundaturated Fat

17% Polyunsaturated Fat



Storage: Light protected, at constant temperature, not above room temperature, in tightly sealed containers (nitrogen blanketed is best).

Shelf Life: Shelf life is 15 months from date of production. We guarantees a minimum of 6 months from date of shipment.

Sewer Sludge and Irradiation Statement: Products are food grade and have not had any contact with sewage sludge or radiation.

Applications For Product: Almond Oil can be used in pharmaceutical applications and parallel as a gourmet cooking oil (highly heat-able). It is used in many cosmetic applications ranging from creams and lotions to scrubbing preparations and hair conditioners.

Country of Origin: EU, USA



USDA NDB (National Nutrition Database)

Nutrient Unit Value per 100.0g Tbsp 13.5g
Water g 0 0
Energy kcal 884 119
Protein g 0 0
Total lipid (fat) g 100 13.5
Carbohydrate, by difference g 0 0
Fiber, total dietary g 0 0
Sugars, total g 0 0
Calcium, Ca mg 0 0
Iron, Fe mg 0 0
Magnesium, Mg mg 0 0
Phosphorus, P mg 0 0
Potassium, K mg 0 0
Sodium, Na mg 0 0
Zinc, Zn mg 0 0
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 0 0
Thiamin mg 0 0
Riboflavin mg 0 0
Niacin mg 0 0
Vitamin B-6 mg 0 0
Folate, DFE µg 0 0
Vitamin B-12 µg 0 0
Vitamin A, RAE µg 0 0
Vitamin A, IU IU 0 0
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg 39.2 5.29
Vitamin D (D2+D3) µg 0 0
Vitamin D IU 0 0
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg 7 0.09
Fatty acids, total saturated g 8.2 1.107
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated g 69.9 9.44
Fatty acids, polyunsaturated g 17.4 2.35
Cholesterol mg 0 0
Caffeine mg 0 0

Organoleptic Characteristics:

Appearance/Clarity Clear, bright
Flavor/Odor Bland, mild/Typical
Color (Lovibond) Red 1.4-2
Color (Lovibond) Yellow 15

Typical Analysis Ranges:

Free Fatty Acid (% m/m expressed in oleic acid) 0.05 Max
Moisture 0.1 Max
Peroxide Value 3 meq/kg max
Iodine Value 93-105
Saponification Value 185-200
p-Anisidine Value N/A
Cold Test N/A
Refractive Index 1.462-1.473
Specific Gravity 0.9-0.92
Oil Stability Index(OSI) N/A
Smoke Point N/A
Additives N/A

Typical Fatty Acid Ranges:

C 14:0 Myristic acid N/A
C 16:0 Palmitic Acid 4%-9%
C 16:1 Palmitoleic Acid Max 0.6%
C 17:0 Heptadecanoic Acid Max 0.2%
C 17:1 Heptadecenoic acid N/A
C 18:0 Stearic acid Max 3%
C 18:1 Oleic acid 58%-86%
C 18:2 Linoleic acid 20%- 30%
C 18:3 Linolenic acid Max 0.4%
C 20:0 Arachidic acid MaX 0.2%
C 20:1 Gadoleic acid (eicosenoic) Max 0.3%
C 22:0 Behenic acid Max 0.2%
C 22:1 Erucic Acid Max 1%
C 24:0 Lignoceric Acid N/A

Registrations and Other Product Information:

CAS 8007-69-0

EINCS 291-063-5

INCL: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil