web launch

17/08/2003 11:42
Our new website has been launched today.
All products comply with state standards and satisfy all the requirements of DSTU 4492:2005 "Sunflower oil. Specifications ".
Product safety is ensured by certified system of food safety management that meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 22000:2007.
Sunflower oil of TM “Majola” receive all-Ukrainian sign of quality “High Grade”
Modern high-technological, ecological-clean production, situated in picturesque suburb of Lviv, in village Stavchany. During production of sunflower oil used raw of Ukrainian producer, that pass diligent laboratory control.
Our purpose:
To be a well known leader in production of sunflower oil.
In order to PC «Oliyar» was recognized as leader in production of sunflower oil, we should be:
For consumer – The first priority
For client – Irreplaceable partner
For workers – The best employer
For community – Effective organization
For competitor – Absolut leader
Direction * Innovation * Speed * Striving * Team * Trust