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10/11/2013 22:19
Since the beginning of 2012/13 marketing year Ukraine has exported more than 2, 8 million tonnes of sunflower oil - Ministry of economic development
22.07.2013 13:32
Since the beginning of 2012/13 marketing year and as of 1st of July Ukraine has exported to foreign markets 2, 84 million tonnes of sunflower oil.  It is reported in balance sheets of Interdepartmental working group under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, published on the official website of the Ministry.
As noted in the document, within September – June of the current marketing year Ukraine has produced 3, 22 million tonnes of sunflower oil.
According to the estimation of the Interdepartmental working group, production of sunflower oil in 2012/13 marketing year will amount to 3, 5 million tonnes, export – up to 3, 1 million tonnes.
China has refused sunflower oil from Ukraine
04.04.2013 08:17
One of the heavy buyers of Ukrainian oil requires special documents.
China refuses to purchase sunflower oil from Ukraine. As a result, our country risks losing one of the largest and most perspective markets of this production.  About it has announced general director of industry association “Ukroliyaprom” Stepan Kapshuk, reports Kommersant-Ukraine.
Main problem of blocking of sunflower oil deliveries from Ukraine to China is that current Ukrainian legislation doesn’t envisage an issue of Phytosanitary Certificate for vegetable oil.
“It is not issued in Ukraine, because the list of those cultures, for which extends government order, defines only agricultural crops. There is no vegetable oil in it, - says Kapshuk”.
Relevant ministry is already engaged in solving issue of access resumption of Ukrainian oil to China market. First deputy minister of Agricultural and Food policy Ivan Bisyuk announced that at the present moment changes to the current legislation are preparing. According to his words, this procedure can take at near one month.
China continues to increase import of vegetable oils.
28.02.2013 13:23
According to data of Oil World analysts, from October till January 2012 – 13 import of vegetable oils to China increased on 31% in comparison with indexes of the same period a year earlier and reached 4, 5 million tonnes. In particular, in the given period almost two thirds of indicated volume made up palm oil – 2,8 million tonnes against 2,2 million tonnes in October – January 2011 – 2012. At the same time, in December last year import of  the considered production reached record high level – 0,96 (0,45) million tonnes. On the development of the present tendency influenced desire of industry operators to increase palm oil purchases prior to toughening of requirements to vegetable oils imported into Asia country.
Import of soybean oil to China increased on 372 thousand tonnes as compared with October – January 2011 – 2012 – up to 0, 8 million tonnes – due to reduction of soybean processing inside of the country.  Besides, import of rapeseed oil within the reporting period also increased and made up 497 (298) thousand tonnes. Concerning purchases of sunflower oil, it is necessary to note that during indicated period they were characterized as low – 40 thousand tonnes which lags from indexes of the previous year (54 thousand tonnes). It is worth to mention that almost all contracted volume of indicated production – 38 thousand tonnes – was delivered from Ukraine.
EU: in 2012 import volume of sunflower oil has reached the highest index within last 4 years
27.02.2013 17:08
According to the last report of Oil World analysts in 2012 import volumes of sunflower oil to EU reached 1, 03 million tonnes against 0, 86 million a year earlier.  It is worth to mention that this index is the highest within last 4 years.
On the development of this tendency influenced reduction of processing volume of sunflower in this region which led to the growth of production’s procurements to EU in the IV quarter of the last year on 68% - up to 244 thousand tonnes.  It is worth to note that in 2012 leader of sunflower oil deliveries to European Union is Ukraine which has shipped in the indicated direction 0, 67 million tonnes of the mentioned production against 0, 55 million tonnes a year earlier. Besides, Russia also exported significant volume of oil - 190 (42) thousand tonnes.