Macjerry Sunfloweroil is a Ukrainian full-service export supplier of high-quality vegetable oils and fats. Within the many years of our existence, we have build good relations with our customers and supporting them by being flexible, fast and accurate in the planning.  Over the years we increased the range of the offered products, and nowadays we export to more than 40 countries throughout the world.
In 2005, renovation of refining and deodorization capacities was performed, new processes of winterization, filtration, and packaging were implemented, and new packaging facility was built.
High degree of automation, as well as strict quality controls by Siemens' advanced computerized system and specialized software, guarantees compliance with the European standards of the manufacturing process. Adoption of the state-of-the-art refinement technology ensures production of carcinogen-free sunflower oil.
Certified laboratory located on-site has implemented the three-tier system of quality control enabling it to maintain continuous quality supervision beginning with raw material and culminating with the final product. At the first level, analysis of raw material takes place; at the second, every two hours raw material being processed is inspected; finally, at the third level of quality control, each lot of finished product is sampled and tested.
Refined sunflower oil by Macjerry Sunfloweroil company ltd is used as raw material by leading Ukrainian companies to produce such products as mayonnaise, sauces, snacks etc. The company operates its own fleet of specialized tankers to deliver refined sunflower oil to its corporate customers.
With a production capacity of 3000 tons per day, we positioned ourselves as one of the three leading producers of vegetable oil in Ukraine. Every year the company increases its production capacity, and is currently working on installing new equipment and modernizing several aspects of its production process to reflect the latest technological advancements.
The company’s powerful modern production facility equals that of the leading producers of vegetable oil in Ukraine and in the West. Its  favorable geographical location on the western border of Ukraine makes relationships with our European partners more convenient, and plays a positive role in establishing new business connections with vegetable oil importers across Europe and the world at large.

Our products are intended for immediate consumption, store distribution, and restaurant use

100% of raw material, used for production of sunflower oil, is derived from sunflower seeds pressed at the leading Ukrainian companies located in southern Ukraine and is GMO-free.
The production process has a three-level quality control (control of incoming raw materials, control of the production process and product control), which is provided by the laboratory, located directly on the production plant and have the appropriate state certification.

History of project

We launch a new oil extraction plant in 2005